Ogletree Deakins EEO Advantage

Administrative Charges Program

Deploying advanced legal project management strategies, innovative technologies, and an experienced team of dedicated attorneys, Ogletree Deakins EEO Advantage Administrative Charges Program assists employers in managing efficiently and cost-effectively the growing number of administrative charges filed with federal, state, and local agencies nationwide.

Ogletree Deakins EEO Advantage

Benefits of Ogletree Deakins EEO Advantage

Streamlined Legal Project Management. Ogletree Deakins EEO Advantage harnesses and leverages the firm’s legal project management experience, innovative client-focused technologies, and dedicated lawyers’ comprehensive understanding of agency procedures, processes, and strategies to provide high-quality, customized assistance to clients in managing their administrative charges nationwide — proactively, efficiently, and with budget certainty.

Dedicated Team. The Ogletree Deakins EEO Advantage team is comprised of attorneys who have years of particular experience in responding to and resolving administrative agency charges on behalf of employers, and who devote their practices primarily to defending employers against administrative agency charges.   

Experience.  Ogletree Deakins EEO Advantage attorneys are skilled in conducting fact investigations in conjunction with clients’ human resources and in-house legal teams, assessing and developing risk strategies, ensuring preservation of all legal positions and defenses, preparing persuasive and effective position statements, limiting and managing agency requests for information, successfully advocating for clients in mediation and conciliation, and ensuring consistency with clients’ overall strategic and business goals at every step of the process.

Predictable Cost-Effective Pricing and Budgetary Certainty. A leader in developing innovative alternative fee arrangements, Ogletree Deakins offers a cost-effective approach to managing administrative charges though predictable fixed-fee pricing per position statement for individual administrative charges, and post-position statement activities billed at competitive hourly rates.

Innovative Technology.  IntelliCase, Ogletree Deakins’ proprietary charge-tracking software application, enables clients to track and analyze charge data on matters handled by the Ogletree Deakins EEO Advantage team, giving clients access to detailed real-time data and analytics on their charges in an easy-to-use, web-based platform.