I-9 Secure®

Streamlined. Smart. Secure.

In the current climate of increased immigration enforcement, failure to comply with employment eligibility and I-9 verification requirements can pose significant risks for companies. Not only can non-compliance result in unwelcome costs, including fines and litigation, but associated government raids and audits can interrupt a company’s operations and cause damage to its reputation.

I-9 Secure

Ogletree Deakins understands how important it is for companies to achieve and maintain compliance with federal regulations in order to reduce their legal exposure. But we understand more than that as well. Ogletree Deakins knows that companies need a compliance solution that is fast, easy and highly reliable to help manage all aspects of their Form I-9 and E-Verify compliance needs while also helping them onboard talent efficiently and with maximum flexibility so their business can stay on track.

With Ogletree Deakins I-9 Secure®, you get more than just software and a user’s manual – you get a partner. Our I-9® Secure compliance solution is administered by legal professionals who take the time to know you and your business.

Onboard Your Talent Quickly and Efficiently

With I-9 Secure®, Ogletree Deakins offers clients a way to escape the error prone headache of managing an endless parade of paper I-9s with the use of a 100 percent cloud based, mobile-enabled system. Not only can I-9 Secure® electronically complete, store, update, track and retrieve all of your I-9 forms with ease, it can also reduce the I-9 process time for new, remote hires from days to minutes. And it does all of this with the quality and problem-solving insights of Ogletree Deakins’ dedicated legal compliance professionals behind it.

Key Features of Ogletree Deakins I-9 Secure®

The following key features of I-9 Secure® will help your company onboard its talent more quickly and efficiently, with less risk of error or government fines.

  • Seamless Integration – I-9 Secure® integrates easily with your existing HR platform
  • Document-Free Management – Permits “paperless” completion of I-9s using tablets, smartphones, desktops or laptops
  • Flexibility for Remote Hires – Provides convenient access to a national network of 14,000 trained notaries and an additional 300 “brick and mortar” locations
  • Error-Checking Formula – Reduces the risk of government fines by targeting and correcting I-9 errors in real-time
  • Always Current – Stays up-to-date with legal and regulatory changes
  • Enhanced Control – Creates custom reports to aid management and oversight
  • No Missed Deadlines – Helps businesses keep the I-9 process on track through timely email notifications and one-click access to reports
  • Consolidated Approach – Streamlines the compliance process by allowing instant submission of records to E-Verify
  • Technology – Friendly Convenience – Offers maximum flexibility through electronic signature options and digital uploading of Section 2 document images
  • Everything In Its Place – Automates I-9 recordkeeping to allow for easy searching, retrieval, and audit trails
  • Stringent Safeguards – Delivers state-of-the-art security for your sensitive data
  • Speed and Efficiency – Eases compliance with the federal government’s strict I-9 time limits