Professional Development

At Ogletree Deakins, we define professional development as the ongoing process of expanding knowledge and refining or acquiring new skills through access to formal and informal training opportunities. It is a mission-critical endeavor that the firm undertakes systematically to strengthen its position as the premier labor and employment firm in the United States and beyond.

Firm-wide professional development efforts ensure our attorneys have access to top-quality substantive legal, leadership, and business development training. This supports the fulfillment of our Client Pledge and helps ensure consistency of quality across Ogletree Deakins offices.

Ogletree Deakins’ professional development programs and initiatives draw on internal firm resources and also on outside consultants. We continually refine what we offer based on the firm’s overall strategic plan, industry best practices, the feedback provided by attorneys and firm leadership, and the evolving needs of our attorneys and clients.

Our professional development initiatives and programs engage attorneys in a variety of different learning modalities (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) in different environments (e.g., virtual and face-to-face) across a broad range of substantive legal topics and leadership skills.

Our programs seamlessly incorporate inclusion as an essential business and leadership skill that is developed as an integral part of each attorney’s professional development.

In addition, our substantive legal benchmarks program, ODPro, lists the substantive legal skills that associates must acquire at each level of their careers (junior, mid-level, and senior associate) within the labor and employment practice at Ogletree Deakins. These clearly articulated developmental milestones—and the resources to accomplish them—allow associates to take greater ownership of their careers and enable supervising attorneys to provide focused feedback and more proactively support and evaluate associates’ progress.

Below are further examples of the types of resources, initiatives, and programs that Ogletree Deakins offers firm-wide:

  • Legal writing training with Bryan Garner
  • Trial advocacy and deposition training with the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA)
  • Organizational skills training, which ranges from supervisory skills and time management to cultural competence and delegation
  • Communication skills training through workshops and webinars on topics such as public speaking and giving and receiving feedback
  • Business development training through in-person workshops, individual coaching, live webcasts, and on-demand webinars
  • Leadership development programs with Joan Newman, Esq., and cultural competency training
  • Individual coaching sessions to address specific developmental needs
  • Firm-wide substantive legal training and CLE through West LegalEdcenter®
  • Firm-wide membership in the American Bar Association
  • Membership in a wide range of diversity and career-development organizations, such as the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance, and Vault, among others.

Additionally, each of our offices creates its own substantive legal training programs that meet the needs of local attorneys and the circumstances arising from their locations, client-bases, etc.